Input Panel, aluminum construction

Aluminum construction now occupy leading positions in construction, because they allow you to create unique architectural compositions that are easy installation and affordable cost.

oday it is impossible to imagine a business center, Bank, Office, shopping mall or any other public building without these lightweight stylish designs, because thanks to them, you can split a huge space on the separate cosy space, equip a panoramic outdoor lighting or create spectacular entrances that are the hallmark of any building.

They represent the translucent aluminium constructions consisting of bearing profile, which fastens stained glazing and doors of different designs and types.

Incoming groups of aluminum constructionsabove all, bear as the aesthetic function, the showy facade, accent and at the same time, creating with him an integral harmonious composition. It is the appearance of the entrance forms the first impression visitors have on any company, so it must match its status, image and attract attention.

In addition, they serve not only as a convenient entrance into the building, but also as a kind of platform, protect it from penetrating the inner space of the cold, dust, moisture, thereby increasing the comfort of the rooms.

Location may be decided differently. Input Panel can be located outside the building, adjacent to the front of the one party, or be inside the Hall.

Based on the requirements of insulation, such groups are performed in two versions:

  • «in one thread»that means only «cold» glazing, which uses single-chamber double-glazed Windows;
  • «two threads»When«cold» profile solved internal glazing and from«warm»(warmed with PVC double glazing) outward.

To door designs input groups, installed in public buildings with a large traffic flow of people, there are high demands for strength and rigidity. That is why the best solution is assembling door designs from aluminium profiles. Completeddesignthey have hightechnical characteristicsby providing reliability, as doors and entrance group in General, as are designed for high load and intensive operation.

Due to the versatility of aluminium profiles can be producedinput aluminum constructionincorporating various glazing anddifferent types of doorssliding, swinging, one-and two-folding, opening which can be both outward and inward.

For doors and Windows entrance groups, usually applied high-quality fittings, which not only enhances their aesthetic properties, but is a reliable protection against hacking and penetration.

Thanks to the wide range of colours used for the colouring of aluminium profiles, you can create truly unique projects of decisions implementing logon wildest designer fantasy.

Based on the configuration of the destination, size, choice of materials and design features will be developed and the price of entrance groups of aluminium constructions.

Order making such designs you can from our partners, who have extensive experience in designing and producing ready entrance groups of any complexity on a turn-key basis