construction Aluminum Production and ventilated facades

the successful development of the construction market due to, in our opinion, competitive pricing and high quality products.

one of the advantages of company-to fulfil all complex of works on the façade of turn-key « »: from assistance in the design and manufacture of structures, to installation designs façade glazing, ventilated facades, entrance groups and other structures made of aluminium profiles and elements facades.

in addition to complex works, including assembling, we produce bespoke designs. Short terms of manufacturing, low prices and quality products are the basis for cooperation with mounting organizations at dealer environment.

the main directions of activity:

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Aluminium designs represent products made from aluminium alloy or aluminum. Their broad popularity in construction due to excellent technical characteristics: Because aluminum compared to other metals more corrosion resistant, retains its structural properties for many years and its products do not require additional processing – sanding, scraping or shpatlevki.

thanks to modern technology, such as anodizing, vacuum termopressovanie or painting with powder dyes, you can create different surface of aluminium products that mimic many of the materials – wood, metal, plastic, bronze, copper and others, further expands the possibilities of the use of such designs.

On question which uses aluminium constructions , uniquely difficult to answer, so broad their scope. In fact, the nomenclature of these products is enormous.

in buildings of various purposes use aluminium structures, which can be:

  • bearing – frames, trusses, arches
  • fencing- partitions, suspended ceilings, handrails and parapets
  • combining enclosing function carrier and – wall and roofing panels, stained glass and decorative window frames or window covers.

they have special conditions for construction and exploitation, that even more increases their techno-economic feasibility of:

  • due to the fact that the construction of pre-fabricated, you can use them in remote and inaccessible areas of
  • lightness, durability and stability makes it possible to use them in seismic areas
  • resistance to aggressive Wednesday so high that life in such circumstances they have much longer than the designs of other materials

in addition, the increased demand for these products is due to a number of advantages: more

  • durability and reliability
  • high anticorrosive properties, which do not require additional processing
  • ecology
  • light weight, compared with products from other metals
  • high efficiency
  • practically unlimited life (over 80 years old)
  • ability to perform
  • products of all shapes and sizes due to the excellent form-factor systems
  • easy care
  • big design opportunities.

Designs represent a demountable system, for which manufacturing use rolled aluminum (pipes, channels, angles, I). They consist of individual modules, skreplâûŝihsâ with.

you can order aluminum from our partners. Reliability and high quality of manufactured products, due to the fact that it is manufactured in accordance with GOST aluminum and passes control before Assembly is shipped to the customer.