you need fittings to make ventilation system, water supply or sewerage systems maximally convenient and leakproof? Because without them none of the mounting cost of the pipeline And the better and more correctly these elements will be selected, the greater the chance that mounted the system will reliable and durable.

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fittings price varies, because depends on material manufacture, their type and destination.

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If you have not yet decided specifically what types of fittings you need, learn more about them by reading information posted below.

fittings or as they are called-fittings represent the elements that connect the individual pipes in piping. Use them in places of branching, twists and turns, mounts, pipe transitions to another diameter, if changes to angle and in other cases, these products actually give the possibility to assemble a pipeline, making it as tight and easy to use.

they find the widest application and its function are divided into several types:

  • fittings for ventilation ;
  • fittings for sewage ;
  • fittings for water supply ;
  • fittings for heating.

range of these elements is so wide, that gives an opportunity to make any pipeline configuration.

assuming that the pipe connections methods are different, and fittings depending on how they are mounted are of a different design and are divided into:

  • threaded;
  • welded;
  • termosvarnye;
  • compression (crimp);
  • axial;
  • push-fittings;
  • compaction;
  • fittings for glued connections;
  • Soldered fittings.

material for their manufacture may serve as steel (including galvanized), copper, brass, bronze, polypropylene, polyethylene, cross-linked polyethylene, PVC or polybutylene.

all these pipe fittings can be combined into two fairly large groups:

  • split connection, the dismantling of which occurs without compromising the integrity of the pipeline And, typically, these shapes requires free access because need periodic maintenance;
  • one-piece connection can be removed only after their destruction or clippings from the pipeline. the advantage of pipelines with such elements is that they can be concreted in the floor, hidden in Stroebe wall, or placed behind the wall panels.

in turn pipe fittings , members of these groups have their own internal classification based on the purpose of these connecting elements:

  • transitional, which connect the pipes with different diameter;
  • offtake, designed to connect branch pipeline;
  • Cross, through which organises several branches;
  • patrubkovye, which joins the special valves;
  • by-pass, intended for piping systems turns

to organize pipelines in residential buildings are now becoming increasingly popular pipes from plastic or metal, and therefore they require connecting elements made of the same material.

for installation of the ventilation system, requires fittings of galvanized steel , who have some sort of Kit that includes items such as

  • round nipple providing watertight round ducts;
  • direct box and duct pipe couplings;
  • ventilation tees and transitions;
  • elbows, crosses, and stubs.

in addition, such suites may be supplemented by the valve fire and smoke, the ventilation umbrella and other elements.

in addition to these types of fittings, one of the latest innovations in this segment of the market are the press connections, enabling of 30 components get in 10 times more different variants of fittings.