You need a quality glazing cabinetsto your point of sale looked spectacularly and attracted more visitors and potential buyers?

Note the products of our partners, who have great experience in manufacturing such constructions. You can havebuy aluminum storefrontswhich will fully meet your requirements and tastes.

Price on glazing cabinetsmay be different, because depends on their types, the use of additional documentation required and the total area of glazing.

To learn more about what constitutesglazing cabinetsand what are its types, check the information posted below. This will help you make the right choice

Showcase is the face of any outlet, whether at the supermarket, shop, boutique, restaurant, cafeteria, etc. It exhibited the best samples of goods, advertising, in short, anything that encourages buyers to pay attention to the institution, which is why properglazing cabinetsplays a huge role in order to maximize such a demonstration and spectacular. But since, in most cases, such constructions go directly on the street, not counting the internal cabinets, their choice must be treated very seriously, picking up the system it is high-strength design.

One of the best choices of such translucent structures today are aluminum showcasesThey are ideal for glazing of any trade and catering outlets, as well as for other public buildings, as have many advantages:

  • high strength;
  • longevity;
  • acoustic and thermal insulation;
  • aesthetics;
  • excellent review;
  • simplicity of operation.

In addition, aluminium profile system gives you the ability to create spectacular architectural forms, incarnations of interesting design fantasies and use any colors.

Withglazing storefrontand other institutions can be both « cold » and « warm » and designs can be installed in the openings or be hinged to the wall.

If you compare the aluminum cabinets with metal, they are capable of much better withstand static loads, and this, in turn, makes it possible to use glass for glazing of large sizes without applying additional crossbars and racks. Such translucent constructions profitable are placed in their products, since these are the profiles in the minimum part of the effective area.

As glazing in these design applied single or triple-pane Windows, and glass in them may be:

  • standard;
  • convex or concave;
  • rectangular or shaped;
  • transparent or tinted;
  • with different patterns, graphics, and other elements of decor.

Generally, in modern showcases today use reinforced for strength, which involves the use of various types of insulating glass:

  • shockproof, which includes such types armored or bulletproof glass, reinforced construction. They are all fitted with anti-burglary fittings;
  • energy saving (noise-absorbing), represents a complex structure consisting of conventional and energy-efficient glass, air Chamber, the meždistancionnoj framework and profile system;
  • multifunctional, combines the previous two species.

Such designs are suitable for glazing of construction openings of any size and different geometric shapes, and can optionally be integrated   Windows and doors made of aluminiun profile, as in the « cold » and « heat » any type of performance.

Private group consists of translucent constructions, representing frameless glass showcases . Unlike their rigid analogues at 100% they fulfill their function of ensuring maximum product review –. such showcases can be used as partitions located inside the premises (rooms) or be an external wall façade of the building. The second option when mounting them always takes into account the design of the building itself. To frameless shutters to withstand load falling on them from the overlying storeys, their further reinforce the aluminium profiles.

When this type is installed inside cabinets as partitions, then it is enough only heavy-duty glass with a pinhole eye.