you need to tidy up the exterior walls of the building, because they have lost their original appearance? Most likely, you've decided that the best option would be to device ventilated façade . Indeed, this is a great outlet, which will give you the ability to very quickly and without much cost to transform your building spectacular modern building.

Price for ventilated facades can be different, because it affects the appearance of the system itself, insulation material and frame as well as the total area on which it is to install.

Order all complex of works on the construction of hinged ventilated facades you can from our partners, in the list of services which include the design, coordination, delivery system with all necessary materials and its professional installation.

to correctly make a choice, learn all about ventilated facades and trim the materials they used, from article below.

ventilated facades is the skeleton system installed directly on the façade of the building with the outside facing as decorative panels, as well as the air gap between the panels and the wall of the building, which freely circulates the air. it is at the expense of him on buildings is not going to moisture and condensate.

ventilated facades , as they are called, are often now, because more and more application provide an opportunity to give walls of buildings aesthetic appeal, save on repairs.

it is no secret that over time under the influence of unfavourable conditions external Wednesday and precipitation walls come into disrepair and in need of repair, which is pretty expensive and labor-intensive process. This is why now mounted systems are so popular because they not only provide an opportunity in the short term to give the building a presentable appearance, but also in the future to protect the walls from various adverse external influences and also have a number of other indisputable advantages:

  • quick installation with minimal preparations;
  • creating a kind of wrapper for building walls;
  • huge selection of finishing materials on color and texture, which gives an opportunity to realize any architectural and design solutions;
  • high-quality thermal insulation of walls, which gives the opportunity to save on heating in winter and summer apartments on her conditioning;
  • long life when correctly installed (up to 30 years);
  • the possibility of restoration of dilapidated buildings.

ventilated facades-design

This facade system is performed by a principle « pie », consisting of the following elements:

  1. Mounting system, which is a frame consisting of metal (usually aluminium) sections connected to each other using dowels, screws and other fasteners, which includes brackets that provide the necessary distance between the cladding panels and wall building.
  2. Insulating layer, which most often occurs from double mineral wool slabs with high sound-and thermal insulation properties;
  3. Protective membrane installed on top of a layer of insulation, it serves to protect layers of ventilated façade from the wind, humidity and other external factors;
  4. air layer is a layer of air circulating between the membrane and finishing material. through this layer reduces the impact of external influences on the design of the building, improving its thermal insulation and increases the level of comfort stay.
  5. External cladding, which is finishing ventilated façade. Choice of materials for her huge that and lets you implement any ideas on decorating the façade is.

ventilated facade System

depending on the exterior trim (lining) we can distinguish various facade systems, the most popular of which are:

  • facades ventilated ceramic with high impact strength, excellent noise insulation, resistance to atmospheric precipitation, simplicity of installation and low cost;
  • ventilated facades of composite panels (aluminum) possess small weight, flexibility and plasticity, which of them you can create complex architectural forms. Besides these systems not only has excellent soundproofing, but also able to self-clean during precipitation;
  • facades ventilated from fibre cement panels , which distinguishes a very affordable price, making such systems often use when facing private residential homes and country cottages, they are reliable, economical, easy to install and flame retardant properties differ.

in addition to these systems, for facing such facades are applied laminate and glass panels, aglomeratno-granite and plate depicting, metal and vinyl siding, planken (exterior) and brick.

at the expense of individual qualities, technical specifications and characteristics of the material, each of these types of systems is used for processing a certain type of buildings.

for example, facades of steklopanelej use for business centers, airports and other tall public buildings. Cladding of fibre cement boards, siding and plankena is best suited for low-rise residential buildings, and granite tiles and brick, in most cases used for furnish of buildings concourse.