Partitions made of aluminum constructions

aluminum construction find very wide application in construction because it has many advantages over products made from other materials. Because specifications and features put them in par with the most durable, economical and reliable building materials.

of them perform different types of bearing and protecting designs, including partition walls in residential and public buildings, they do not need polishing and shpaklevke. And due to special handling, such as anodizing or vacuum termopressovanie, can mimic the surface of many materials, such as wood, plastic, metal and other. Not surprisingly, very widely such partitions are used for Office space. that design can be thought through to the smallest detail and make any configuration and size opportunities design offices.

aluminium structures for partitions are reliable, maximum stiffness and stability. Indeed, in the manufacturing process they undergo special training and production technology, strictly respectful of GOST aluminum , makes it possible to produce products that exactly match the declared characteristics. In addition, high-quality furniture provides strong connection of racks and crossbars.

depending on the purpose and location of the walls of aluminum constructions are several types:

  • stationary;
  • cell;
  • sliding;
  • glass.

Stationary partitions opportunities for zoning and arrangement of premises, whether large-area office, Bank or any other public place. They can be deaf, glass or combined, and the design of the aluminium profiles allows you to mount them window and door

Mobile not only partitions with ease are mounted and unmounted, but can trasformirovat′sâ by modifying the dimensions at the expense of its modules. They can be installed from the floor to the ceiling, or be only desktop.  

Sliding aluminum construction highlighted in the special group partitions, because you can use them to create a multifunctional space, which significantly saves space.

related to this group of so-called Pocket walls move along the rail that is mounted on the ceiling, and their panels are not attached to each other, giving the possibility to transform such a wall.

the second type of such partitions – folding « ». they're like blinds, shutters which incorporate special belt loops and are moving on two tracks, one of which is fixed on the ceiling, and the other on the floor.

to the third mind are glass sliding partitions, constituting a system consisting of aluminum profiles and fastening glass panels they also ceiling and gaps between the sections are closed special cushioned. One of the partitions, you can use as a door.

fourth kind such partitions – sliding slajdingovye. Basis of aluminium profiles on which the secured segments of any material they are attached to the floor., moving on rollers along the rail and apart either one or.

Glass partition is translucent aluminium structures . They can not only effectively zonirovat a premise, but also visually expand its border. They represent a frameless design, tempered glass which are attached to special zažimnomu aluminium profile using a point-fixings, but the profile can be installed on the ceiling, floor and wall partitions attached to such premises the stylish contemporary look, as can have different decoration glass – transparent tinted, frosted, patterned, stained and even curved.

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