Windows and doors made of aluminum constructions

Windows and doors made of aluminium structures today are an excellent alternative to their analogues made of wood or plastic, because technical characteristics, they differ in many ways from designs, which are made from other materials.

they are installed in urban residential houses and in the countryside, where they can be integrated in conservatories. They are ideal for administrative, industrial and public buildings. Shops, supermarkets, business centers, markets, stations and pavilions are modern optics purchase, if they have such Windows and doors.

Aluminium has an excellent ability, its geometry will not lose, with their plastic counterparts so often. With proper installation and mounting aluminum constructions window and doors can serve for many years. It is particularly important, not so much interior space for the input of external doors, which are subject to different weather conditions. It is worth noting that has taken in the popularity of Aluminum door designs and its diversity because there are swinging slides, swings and foreground,.

with regard to the aluminum frame Windows, you can use them designs for stained glass or balcony. For aluminium profiles painted perfectly, then told them, you can specify and the color you want. In addition, the products can be produced in any shape, including arch, and the diversity of styles, make the aluminium profiles allows you to customize which under modern and antique design of indoor or outdoor.

Aluminium Windows earned to right the title of universal structures with high mechanical strength and resistance against stress. This is because, in their production to take advantage of not only the profile, and contains a special system of window elements, the profiles for frames, shutters, schtapikow Imposta and š Tul ′ PA. And this in turn provides Windows version open.

Today many consumers opt for aluminum window because they have a number of benefits:

  • high fire protection;
  • Heat and sound insulation;
  • Protection from hackers;
  • resistant to extreme temperature shocks, UV light and acidic precipitation;
  • Fitness for use;
  • Maintain simplicity;
  • Longevity.

, Aluminum doors are of high quality and aesthetic quality. Is used not only as an Interior. wider application for the installation in translucent find aluminum construction, such as Office partitions, winter gardens or inputs. A separate category makeup-the so-called warm doors, to install, to warm cold the premises from conception their differently than standard aluminum doors separate, by the Office shutters double seal on the bottom side, door sealing strips, as well as fiber glass polyamide.

Comparing such doors with plastic counterparts, they have several advantages:

  • Duration of exploitation on
  • Profile bends and not deformed, and leaves you say, comes at the expense of the greater stiffness and lightness;
  • require no extra care, since the surface with enamel, resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations is protected.

these doors attach solidity of any building, so that they often decorate the entrances of aluminium constructions banks, business centers or large supermarkets.


Now be

Balconies and Loggias of aluminium constructions. And if some plastic glazing for them then still only because better don ' t have enough information about aluminium.

First you get cold or warm with special Termovstavkami, reduce heat conduction design.

Secondly have undeniable advantages:

  • the reliability of the material (aluminium);
  • light weight of the whole structure;
  • Fire protection;
  • Protection against external invasion by special locks and latches;
  • Protection against wind, dust and noise;
  • Variety of variants (deaf, swing, slides, Schaukel-Out combines);
  • Rest of the movement of the wings with them Rozsuvanni;
  • Aesthetics.

in addition aluminium balcony or Loggia visually longer look, and due to the fact that the profile is quite narrow, increases their lightness, as well as storing housing. Thanks to the low weight of the entire structure, it can be installed on the balconies in the old housing.

However, the biggest advantage is the price of aluminum, which is significantly lower in comparison with other systems of glazing.

all types of these aluminum designs can purchase from our partners.