construction Laboratory Services

LLC «-based Tver′specstroj-» REINFORCED CONCRETE construction laboratory exists, which is a service of quality control of the construction works and materials.

in laboratory testing and analysis of the following construction materials:

  • cement (determination of fineness, density of cement test)
  • sand, crushed stone (clay content in lumps, the content of silt particles otmuchivaniem, determination of volumetric mass in neuplotnennm sostaânii, the definition of apparent density, humidity, divisibility compressive, water absorption)
  • concrete mixture (time and temperature mixing, settled, density)
  • concrete (determination of moisture content, density, water absorption, compressive strength, durability, non-destructive method)
  • solution (definition of mobility, volumetric weight, compressive strength, moisture)
  • additives (determination of the concentration of additives)
  • (definition of humidity, border rolling, maximum density, optimum humidity)
  • foam (determination of compressive strength, moisture)