Construction of the roof is one of the most important stages of the building. It is she is the one element that protects the building from adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, snow water) and creates a comfortable living conditions. This is why it is roofing must be met professionally and competently.

the roof of any building is a multilayer system, the so-called roof pie, and its styling and is roofing works.

roofing Composition, you can define the following stages:

  • installation of supporting structures, which covers the installation of roof system, bars, beams and other elements which form the basis of future roof;
  • construction of insulating layers, binding of which are steam-, hydro-and thermal insulation;
  • installation of roofing, namely to install the outer decorative layer, which on the one hand, protects the underlying layers from adverse environmental impacts and, on the other hand, gives the building a complete, an attractive appearance.

the volume and complexity of the activities at each stage, first of all, depend on the type of roof, and this in turn affects such factor as cost roofing

as roofs are shed, pitched, četyrehskatnye and mnogoskatnye, perform roofing work for each of these types is significantly different.

The main stages of the arrangement of the roof pie

the first step is the construction of the frame, which will be the basis of the roof. It is a special system consisting of rafters, based on the load-bearing walls, and beams. After installation of these structures, perpendicular to the rafters set crate, which, depending on the type of roofing material can be:

  • solid, suitable for roll, seam and soft roof. It normally runs from cutting boards, OSB or plywood sheets;
  • nesplošnaâ, beaten with a specific step, the amount of which depends on the weight of roofing-than it is, the less step. this type of crates used for sheeting, Onduline, and different types of tiles.

the next step – laying insulating layers, each of which performs its function.

Basic insulation layers that are present in the roofing, birthdays, are:

  • waterproofing, the main purpose of which – to prevent ingress of moisture in the insulation layer it can be laid in both single and multiple layers, and it can be material for polyethylene or polypropylene film, coatings based on bitumen or other insulating materials;
  • insulation that prevents penetration of cold from podkrovel′nogo space in residential areas. Moreover, the insulation must have not only the excellent thermal insulation properties, but also be moisture resistant, non-flammable and environmentally friendly. For this layer, you can choose the roll (PE), fed (styrofoam, foam, mineral wool) or bulk (expanded clay, perlite);
  • vapor barrier used to prevent ingress of moisture in the insulation of the accommodation. For her using polyethylene or polypropylene film, as well as special « breathable » membrane.

once installed these layers, moving to a very important point – organization of ventilation, which is a mandatory condition for a competent arrangement of the roof to create a ventilation layer, perform the installation kontrobrešetki, and make special ventilation channels.

the final stage is to install roofing finishing finishing coating installation which is in full accordance with the technology recommended by the selected material, as well as the construction of drainage system with all the requisite elements for her.

it is worth noting that when carrying out roofing work not only the technology, but it is important to respect and have the appropriate tools, equipment and accessories, and, for each species and type of roofing material, they must be different.

roofing differ sufficiently complex, and approach them with full responsibility. That they are maintained at a height of, requires a certain amount of experience and qualifications, as well as strict compliance with safety regulations. This is why it is better to entrust the professionals who have high-quality inventory, right roofing equipment, knowledge and practical experience of.

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