before you start building any object it is necessary to undertake a series of measures to prepare the construction site. such preparatory work in construction look the same both for industrial and civil objects, but may have some differences on the basis of factors such as:

  • terrain;
  • climatic conditions;
  • time of the year;
  • the location of the site (in an urban building or outside);
  • construction type (new object, expansion or reconstruction of the existing).


the composition of the preparatory work in construction

all work carried out before the construction, are divided into two groups:

  • vneploŝadočnye, which include the construction of access roads, the establishment of these networks and related facilities, infrastructure construction Organization (campus for builders, warehouses, base of mechanization and other necessary objects);
  • site includes a set of activities carried out directly on site. General contractor performs once you have the permission on a spadework in the construction of the and concluded with the customer, commercial contract.

to   vnutriploŝadočnym works include:

  • device geodetic framework;
  • provisional vertical planning;
  • clearing playgrounds;
  • development of soil, as well as its timely removal from the territory;
  • channel activities and dewatering works;
  • transit migration
  • communication (if necessary);
  • arrangement of the necessary inner engineering networks;
  • erection of temporary inventory of buildings and technological structures;
  • development of complex of measures aimed at the protection of the ambient space;
  • fencing and lighting the
  • construction site.


usually begins with preparations of off-site work, namely the Organization of temporary access roads needed for construction machinery, which will dig trenches and carry out other construction work to deliver on a platform of building materials and for other actions, which is accompanied by the construction of any facility. Such temporary roads can be ground, or have a lightweight road construction, and must be equipped with temporary communications.

geodetic works in preparatory period of construction to build on the site of the developed network of certain points contained characters that will define the position of the object in a given area. These activities include the establishment of reference geodetic network breakdown of buildings and structures, longitudinal and transversal axes, as well as construction of CASTOFF.

the next stage of preparatory work is in clearing territory, consisting of activities such as:

  • remove
  • from the uprooting of trees, shrubs and stumps;
  • removal of the fertile soil;
  • dismantling or demolition of unnecessary buildings and structures
  • detaching and moving other place engineering networks, that fall within the zone of
  • provisional vertical planning building a territory which is especially important if the construction is conducted in rugged terrain or have adverse ground conditions.


When you perform these activities move to expel water and dewatering works.

channel activities associated with the removal from the territory of playgrounds surface waters. for this purpose, arrange special drainage ditches or savings pools, of which in consequence of the pumps pumping water, vertical planning to attach relevant biases of site

Dewatering is to reduce the level of underground water were by arranging special drains or wells where the install pumps and organize water drainage

the last stage of the preparatory work is the arrangement of the construction site. the activities undertaken in this case are the following:

  • lay temporary communications (water, electricity, and communications teplosnabdenie);
  • organize parking for cars, as well as repair;
  • establish temporary household and production buildings;
  • shield pad fence and organize her lighting;
  • perform production improvement at the site, providing sanitation and security works.

after the completion of all the preparatory work from the construction site need to withdraw and dispose of unwanted soil so it doesn't clutter the territory and does not interfere with the construction process.

If you need to prepare a pad construction, you can refer to our partners, who provide such services, and discuss with them the cost of the preparatory work, which will be different depending on each case.