an important element of any buildings are overlapping, responsible for the reliability and safety of the building as a whole. Moreover, they share it on floors, separate space in attics and cellars from living quarters. While there are several types of such structural elements, one of the most popular and common are hollow core slabs.  

Hollow core slabs – characteristics

hollow core slabs-dimensions, weight according to gost, price these products are widely used in the construction of residential, public and industrial buildings. They represent a stove made of reinforced concrete and has a clear rectangular. Void in her form in the form of longitudinal channels located parallel to each other. They often are a round cross-section with a diameter of 150 mm.  

Raw material for manufacturing of plates is concrete, which is kneaded the cement, with marks no lower than M300 and M400, and high carrying capacity of the finished product provides reinforcement for which use stainless steel rods A3 and A4 class.

That is why even if there are voids boards have high strength and good load capacity, and the emptiness that provide them with a number of properties that do not have other kinds of overlappings.  

compared with double plates, hollow core have several advantages:

  • due to the voids they have less weight and also increase the heat and soundproofing structure;
  • due to the relatively small weight have less stress on the bearing walls and foundations;
  • is not inferior in strength and reliability;
  • have a much lower cost.


Hollow core slabs-dimensions

modern methods of manufacture of these products in factory conditions give the possibility to produce products of high quality, fully corresponds to the standards required by GOST for hollow core slabs. This primarily relates to Tripwire technology that enables the reinforcement plates do not SAG and do not sag under the influence of significant loads.

Today at factories producing CONCRETE products in standard sizes thickness 22 cm, the length of which varies in the range 118 cm and width from 100 up to 350 cm. But still, the most popular for both civil and industrial construction is considered hollow core slabs 1, 5 m.  

Articles produced necessarily have corresponding markings consisting of alphabetic and numeric values. For example, hollowcore slab PC 50-12-8 decrypted as stove, cast using formwork (PC), with a length of 50 DM, – width 12 DM, and which permits the greatest load 800 kg/sqm

Features of installation of hollow core slabs

These products are used for interior floors, attic (mansard) or basement floors. Using tap them stack parallel to each other, opiraja on the load-bearing walls. The length of the plot bearing depends on the size of the plates, as well as the material of the walls, on which their base, and ranges from 70 to 120 mm, prevalent of which is most important, because it gives the opportunity to make the most reliable design. After laying, fixing to walls is guaranteed by stainless steel anchors, which are connected with mounting loops and seams between plates are covered with cement, creating a cohesive surface.

hollow core slab prices depend on their dimensions and carrying capacity, as reflected in their labelling. The more these settings, the higher the cost of products.

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