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Price on sliding gates , first of all, is formed on the basis of their method of control (manual or automatic) and the choice of materials for furnish of.

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sliding gates or as they are called « sliding », is now becoming increasingly popular, displacing hinged construction. Demand for them is growing because they are more convenient in operation and have a contemporary look presentable.

These entry designs are widely used in civil construction, and industrial enterprises.

the name of the gate is fully consistent with their constructive characteristics, because the sash they rolled back on the track, situated parallel to the fence to any side.

Share such designs on 2 main types of – Automatic sliding gates, which are using electric drive and a number of other complementary elements, and manual, otkatyvaûŝiesâ manually.  

both of these type are:

  • Pocket;
  • rail;
  • console.

with regard to the latter, they are considered to be not only the most modern design, but also the most convenient in operation

This is because sliding overhung doors , due to the upper frame profile, on which they are suspended and moving, have strict height restrictions.

Rail sliding gates , rollers that move along the bottom guides bring many problems for the hosts in the winter or rainy weather since their all time must be clear of snow, ice and mud. But, basically, it's their only, although a significant drawback.

But cantilever sliding gate these deficiencies have been deprived of why and are considered the best option.

given that they are the most sophisticated device, however, it is best to show themselves in the winter, because the lower edge of their leaf touches the ground.

Gate is tightly fastened to the beam. It moves the console node and along a moving door leaf. designed to support only one, rather than two, as in other types of reliance is a powerful post in the direction which will expand shutter of a gate


there are three variants of such gates, different location, mobile beams:

  • Type 1 provides accommodation in the middle of the beams of the portal of the canvas, and is considered to be the most common. This arrangement increases the rigidity of the whole structure, and console mechanism and castors are at sufficient height that does not depend on the whims of weather, which ensures the efficient operation of the gate at any time of the year.
  • type 2 has a design in which the movable beam is located at the bottom of the canvas. These gates have a chance to be more vulnerable in winter, but in any case they are comfortable because the cloth is not in contact with the ground and does not require the guide rails;
  • 3 type provides the location of the beam on top of the cloths that require stronger fastening the canvas and the frame to avoid her strain at the bottom of the.

the appearance of such entry structures can be completely different, it depends on what material it is made of their canvas. This can be a sliding gate of corrugated board , wood, sandwich panels, rolled metal sheet etc, although the most suitable material is corrugated, because different high technical characteristics, durability, affordable price and excellent appearance.

of course, you can make a sliding gate with their hands , although they are much harder to install swinging, and require specialized expertise for installing all components and automation systems. That is why many are attracted to the professionals, turning in a company for manufacturing such constructions and.