you need sectional doors to make your garage more comfortable and at the same time give it a modern beautiful view?

Note on the products of our partners. they have you can buy different types of gates, choosing to your liking making paintings, as well as methods of their opening.

Price on sectional doors will depend on the type of design you order a specific cost and types of products, you can find out by reading the price list posted on the website of the company.

to learn more about what constitutes lifting-sectional doors , check out the information posted below.

sectional doors represent a variety of entry structures consisting of connected sections which are fastened using special hinges

Main – their dignity, comfort and ergonomics. The essence of the design is that the edges of the aperture are enshrined guide bars, going under the ceiling of the room. When opening the gate, their sections smoothly move up one after another, moving under the slab of the building and placed directly under the ceiling that gives significant savings in space.

Such entry designs today are finding quite widespread use. They are installed in the garages of private homes and country cottages, in underground garages, showrooms, parkings and car washes, as well as at various industrial sites.

Sectional doors-advantages

Besides that, like all other types of gates they function as overlapping the aperture, but unlike them have several substantial advantages:

  • due to the fact that their raising is going vertically up, greatly saving space in the garage and in front of him;
  • good premises protected from noise and adverse environmental impact Wednesday;
  • can be installed in the opening of any size;
  • have a high resistance to cracking;
  • safe and very easy to use;
  • have a modern an attractive appearance.

Such gates can vary according to the method of opening/closing. On the one hand, due to the fact that their weight is offset by special Springs, they can be put in motion manually, though more applicable and perfect option are Automatic gates being opened and closed by an electric power train With opening opportunities. these gates are quite diverse – this may be pressing buttons on the remote control or , or using a mobile phone.

sectional doors-design

gate consists of a few basic elements:

  • gate is an interconnected sections, each of which looks like a sandwich-panel that between two sheets (panels) laid a layer of polyurethane, basalt wool or polystyrene foam. can serve as material for sheet galvanized rolling, smooth or corrugated, corrugated sheets with polymeric coating or wood paneling.
  • guides and suspensions. Sami guides that are motion paintings, are metal brackets and profiles are installed on the sides of the doorway, and using the suspensions they are attached to the ceiling;
  • spring mechanism applied to canvas balancing spring. provide an opportunity for even the most massive goal easy to open and close.

sectional doors – views

These entry designs are divided into 2 types, due to their size, intensity of work and required operating conditions:

  • sectional doors set in private households, they are relatively small in size (2.5 u20123 m wide) and moderate endurance. Because they can be mounted in the doorway of any size, they are ideal for both the initial installation and replacement of obsolete swinging gates, and thanks to the attractive appearance and capabilities of different design is a perfect complement to the General architectural decision of any of a private home.
  • sectional industrial doors represent a very solid and safe construction, which serves to cover openings of various industrial premises, particularly in places where traffic is expected to more intensely. Versions of their designs are quite varied, which gives the possibility to mount them on the premises of different purposes with individual features openings. in contrast to the garage they have 7

both of these options can be implemented as sectional gates with gate or have a decorative translucent section insert to increase natural light premises.

Best sectional doors

to date, the undoubted leader in the manufacture of sectional doors are three – company DoorHan (Russia), Hormann (Germany) and Alutech (Belarus).

  • sectional doors Alutech, the only of the three listed are intended for operation in the northern regions and coastal areas, because of their coverage of sandwich panels can withstand rather low temperature and exposure to salt mist and although their service life is considerably lower than German analogues and there is such a diversity of design, but supplies are available at all service centers, and the price is perfectly satisfies middle class population.
  • sectional doors DoorHan are the cheapest costs. Although they are not designed for harsh environments, assembling them can easily implement yourself, and the exploitation of their comfortable enough and does not cause problems.
  • Hormann sectional doors of these three species are the most expensive, but also the highest quality, and all claims are met by the Germans at 100%.

as can be seen from the above, vertical lifting-sectional doors not only have extensive service life, but also have the technical characteristics and advantages, which distinguish them from the profitable swing sliding and other door types.